Fans of Need for Speed, who can not wait to get acquainted with the game world of the reboot finally got the opportunity. As it became known, Ghost Games developers talked about the six areas of the fictional city Ventura Bay.

It starts with thr street Bernvud on which there is the garage of the player. It connects with the center, the roads of which connect the office and commercial buildings, and go to the industrial area. Here there are the factory buildings, railway stations, and all that needs to be removed from the central part of the quarter.

In the area ​​Crescent Mountain, which is located to the north of Bernvud there is a long wide road leading directly to the mountains which offers an unforgettable view of the city. Between areas Bernvud and South Port there is the sleeping area Royal Park. Here, players will find themselves in a residential area, the stadium and supermarkets.

Another industrial district Ventura is in South Port, where in fairly narrow roads you can drive to the docks. The district El Rey gamers will appreciate for the sights, including the Peak Sinner and waterfall Castle Hill. There are many mountain slopes with beautiful views here. The developers recommend to slow down and enjoy the spectacular views while driving here. Finally, the last district is Franklin Terrace, connecting a plurality of highways and other wide roads, traveling on which you can get to other areas of the city.

Restart of Need For Speed ​​is preparing to be released on November 3, 2015 on consoles PS4 and Xbox One. The release of the PC version will be held in early 2016.

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