Taylor Swift has been hyping the music video for her song “Bad Blood” for weeks, slowly announcing the actors, musicians, models and friends of the singer who will make up the video’s cast.

Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Jessica Alba, Hailee Steinfeld, Hayley Williams and many more were announced as participants, and each one was introduced with a Sin City-style movie poster complete with their character’s name.

This is an impressive amount of buzz for a music video, and it’s hard to imagine how so many big names would fit in what amounts to a short film that opens an awards show. The video is directed by Joseph Kahn, who not only directed the amazing “Blank Space” video, but the punk-rock, adult version of Power Rangers that made such a splash earlier this year.

The result? A pretty crazy video with a mess of references and a whole lot of style. We’ll have the full embed soon, but here are some GIFs to get you started.

Looking at explosions is for suckers.

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