Now, this is how to fast travel in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

From Reddit’s Imaginary Maps subreddit (fascinating in its own right) comes this original work by user sylpheed — Skyrim imagined as a network of metro tubes. Gaze upon it full size here:

Like all good subway maps, this is schematic and not to scale. It’s full of wonderful little touches, like the ground and sea connections to other parts of Tamriel; putting “Skyrim Central Station” in Whiterun (of course), and even adding a gondola up to High Hrothgar, which I don’t imagine the Greybeards are too crazy about, but it should help Klimmek deliver the groceries next time.

I’m also imagining my latest re-roll, a dark elf thief, was picked up trying to jump the turnstiles at Helgen. Then he gets to merspreading on the Riften local while Karliah and Vex scowl at him.

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