We Are Chicago is a Telltale-style story game that’s set in the real world of a low income, high crime neighborhood.

Featuring central character Aaron, the game tells the story of a young man, his family and friends, as they cope with violence and limited opportunity. The characters experience crime and its effects as they try to go about their lives.

A demo on show at PAX Prime today begins with a straightforward family meal. The player sets the table and chats with Mom and little sister. A shot is heard outside the house. For this family, it’s a worrying event, but one to which they are accustomed. They go about their routine.

Michael Block, one of the creators of the game, told Games4Life that the story uses “juxtaposition of mundane events and violence” to tell its story. Characters and events are taken from interviews with residents of Englewood, a neighborhood in Chicago, which is also the home of writer Tony Thornton.

We Are Chicago is being developed by Culture Shock Games and will be released for Windows PC in January.

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