The company Take-Two Interactive during a meeting with investors said that development branches of the studio are working on several new projects. As it became known, one of them will be a continuation of the famous series, while the other – a completely new game.

“Our development teams around the world are working on several new projects, including a new intellectual property and the continuation of the existing series”, – said the executive director of Take-Two Strauss Zelnick.

However, Zelnik said that one of the new games will appear in 2016. It is unknown over what the studios of the subsidiaries of the company are working. However, it should be noted that in the portfolio of the rightholder of Grand Theft Auto V there are already a few games that will appear in 2016 – is XCOM 2 and Mafia 3. Apparently, information about new games of the company will appear only next year.

It is also evident that gamers will notbe indulged with the imminent release of GTA 6. The emergence of another continuation of the popular series, BioShock, in 2016 is also unlikely because of the closing of the studio Irrational Games and the long process of transmission developments for new games. It remains only to wait for official announcements from the developers.

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