Apple summoned the tech world to San Francisco and, yet again, announced nothing meaningful in video games. Pokémon did, however, with Pokémon Go, an all-new game for mobile devices. A court hit an overdue Kickstarter with fines and damages triple that of what it originally raised. And Microsoft has begun shutting down the Xbox Live Indie Games service, and will close it for good in 2017.

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Last Week in Five Stories

  1. Metal Gear Solid 5’s best secret: You can play the campaign as a woman

    Much has been written about the juvenile design of Quiet, the improbably naked sidekick in the Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. But, for all the justifiable anger about her character, almost nothing has been written about the secret new female protagonist in Metal Gear. I’m calling her FemSnake.

  2. Destiny’s Ghost has a new voice: Here’s how Nolan North’s performance stacks up

    With the launch of Destiny‘s 2.0 update, the voice performance of Peter Dinklage, who has served as your loyal Ghost companion since the game’s initial release, has been replaced by the dulcet tones of Nolan North. How does North’s take on Destiny‘s floating friend compare to the original performance? Also, have the original game’s clunkier lines improved under North’s guidance? Also, isn’t the idea of wholesale replacing a voice actor super bizarre?

  3. What it’s like running an arcade in 2015

    Fast forward to 2015, and while arcades aren’t as prevalent — or as popular — as they once were, they’re still hanging around. And within these locations, new business models are developing. Many traditional arcades are changing their ways, moving away from the coin-based business model that has long been part of the arcade ecosystem.

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