Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard shared his plans for supporting Fallout 4 with additional content. As it became known, in one of his last interviews, Howard said that the additions to the game will be released until the end of 2016.

“The game is really huge, but it’s only the beginning. New content will appear during the next year. Developing both finished and is not finished until all will yet play it. The contribution of the people is very important. We’ll see what the players like what they would like to see more or what they want to change and do it “, – explained Howard.

Season Pass to add-on Fallout 4 was started selling even before the official release of the game, but the developers still are not ready to tell, for what gamers have paid, pre-ordering passes. The team has promised to introduce “at least 3 additions” to the players. And if players want more content, the new package will include a season pass.

For the third part of the series creators have released four additions with new quests, items, and achievements. In addition to the official kits from Bethesda players are also waited with a variety of modifications, which will be developed by gamers via the official tools for modders.

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