P.T., the playable teaser for upcoming horror game Silent Hills, has inspired plenty of fan reactions since its free release on Aug. 12. There have been reaction videos, deep-dives into the Kojima-inspired rabbit hole that was the final puzzle in the game, and now, fans are editing screenshots to look as if they are actual photographs.

Following a recent trend, Reddit user eeezo took screens from P.T.‘s ho-hum (and haunted) hallways and made them look like old photographs. It’s like This Old House, with a horrifying ghost.

The shots offer photo-realistic, filtered images of P.T.‘s cream-colored hallways, filled with mundane art, Home Depot-quality light fixtures and one-eyed specter, Lisa, who was violently murdered by her husband.

P.T. already has a grimy 70s vibe, which the fan work brings out. Just looking at the pictures, I can practically hear Lisa’s wheezing. Somehow these images manage to make P.T.‘s world even more unsettling, contrasting the boring, domestic “real world” look with the game’s supernatural apparitions.

Check out our playthrough of P.T. here, and click here for an in-depth how-to guide for solving the game’s final puzzle.

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