It was one year ago today that PlayStation 4 owners were first treated to something meant to be a teaser for an upcoming game, but instead became an award-winning bit of frightening distraction.

It was soon discovered that P.T. (Playable Teaser) was designed to announce Silent Hills, an ambitious new offing in the Silent Hill franchise by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.

The haunting teaser, which has players endlessly journeying down the same hallway in the same creepy house trying to discover what happened there, was downloaded more than a million times in a month.

But then in April, Konami announced it was canceling the game, a victim of the fallout between Kojima and publisher Konami. P.T. was pulled from the PlayStation store on May 5 and owners of the teaser were told they wouldn’t be able to redownload the game once it was deleted from their systems.

Yet despite all of the roadblocks put up by the game’s publisher, P.T. fanatics continue to explore and discover secrets in the now year-old game.

Just this Monday, a Reddit user proved that Lisa, the ghost from P.T., is actually lurking in the first room of the game with the player at some point in the looping journey. Metastronicsauce posted an image of Lisa standing in a corner as you leave the room.

Here’s the video proving that’s not a photoshop:

Games4Life Video

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