The huge and incredibly strong Hulk joins a growing list of superheroes in Grand Theft Auto V. The superhero is armed with all the abilities and skills that are present in his films and comics.

Appearance of Green Giant in Los Santos happened due to the modder JulioNIB. Unlike his comrades who actually did only skins for the main characters, Julio made his hero of the mode as similar to the original as possible. In addition to the major appearance, Hulk has incredible power.

For example, the hero can jump and land to create a shock wave, which discards the characters. Hulk can pull poles out of the ground and use them as weapons. He is also able to lift cars, heavy objects on his way and throw them into the air, not to mention ordinary citizens of Los Santos, who might be subjected under his big hand. Hulk is even able to raise immune train which players repeatedly tried to stop. And in addition to all that the hero can clap his hands, causing a deafening wave, knocking down everyone in the neighborhood, as well as the incredibly fast moving on the ground.

Obviously, the mode HULK is the most attractive for fans of superheroes and GTA V along with the mode for the Iron Man and suit of Hulkbaster. The author of the mode for Iron Man also was JulioNIB.

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