The network has information that the game No Man’s Sky will be released in the coming days. As it became known, representatives of the team Hello Games hastened to clarify the situation.

According to rumors, the release of the game should took place on October, 27, along with a briefing of the studio on the panel Paris Game Week. Rumor has it that developers are preparing a surprise for gamers in the form of a long-awaited release of the game. However, Sean Murray on his official channel on Twitter said that these rumors are, unfortunately, without foundation.

“I’ve heard the rumors that No Man’s Sky will be secretly released on October, 27. It is not true. We only have one chance to make our game as it should be. And we do not want to screw it up. I hope that we will be understood “- said Murray in a series of messages.

“For those who are interested, we are still working hard on the game. But everything is going very well. We thought a lot about the release of the game on the early access program. It is suitable for the release of some games, but not for No Man’s Sky”.

Murray was still not ready to announce the release date of the project. But he pointed out that without the support of the players, who shrouded the game in focus and developers – with support, the whole team could hardly keep a similar pace of development.

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