Cards Against Humanity, the party game for horrible people, is at it again with their second Holiday Bullshit event. Called Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa, it offers fans of the card game ten mystery gifts throughout the month of December in exchange for $15.

Last year’s inaugural wave of Bullshit was a cavalcade of surprises, featuring physical goodies like games, comics, original art and a one of a kind CAH card with the purchaser’s name on it. The greater internet benefitted as well from a series of comedy videos that were released simultaneous to each gift.

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But the biggest benefactor, by far, of the Holiday Bullshit event were thousands of classrooms across America. CAH used DonorsChooseto spread more than $100,000 worth of holiday spirit to public schools around the country, distributing the cheer by state based on where their customers lived. The entire event brought a smile to many faces.

Organizing the event was a herculean effort for the CAH team last year, even with only 100,000 slots available. If you’d like to get involved, move quickly. This year there’s more than twice as many pieces of Bullshit available, but as of the writing of this story nearly 20 percent of them have already been sold.

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